eBook Sharing History

As IndyPL learned more about schools, and schools learned more about IndyPL, the need for multiple copies of classroom sets came up. Axis 360, an ebook platform used at other large urban libraries, had developed a Community Share concept that fit. Schools could purchase multiple copies of titles and “protect” them from holds placed on them by IndyPL patrons by keeping them in their own site or sharing them up to a pool that all school members could tap into. Students at Community Share schools could check out books their school owned or borrowed, as well as books available through IndyPL.

Pilot schools moved ebooks they owned on other platforms to Axis 360, and into the shared pool. IndyPL sought out grant funding to add multiple copies of titles teachers said they wanted to use in the classroom. In 2020, seven high schools collaborated on a grant so they could share, through the grant, purchase of titles to be used at several of the seven schools.