Patrons: Editing

  • Look up the patron’s name or scan their barcode in Find, and click Registration to edit (more info on finding patrons)
  • Once in the patron record, make your changes and click the green Save button
  • A patron’s expiration date may be updated by clicking on the Renew button
  • Shared System patron accounts expire every four years. (IndyPL accounts expire every three years, but that was a hardship for high schools!)
    • Ask your office to let you know as soon as a student withdraws or an employee leaves. Make sure they understand how important it is to catch them as soon as possible if they have items checked out from your library.
    • If they still have items out, first see if you can contact them yourself and remind them those items can be returned to any library in the city. If you don’t get in touch quickly, ask if your school office can send them a bill.
    • Go ahead and expire their library card effective immediately if they’ve already left. Leave everything as it was on their account, such as registered location, patron code and statistical class. If they go to a new library, it is that library’s responsibility to make those changes!