The Basics

Log into LEAP

  1. Enter your username
  2. HINT: Your username is the same as the one you use to login to IndyPL
  3. Enter your IndyPL Connect password
  4. If you don’t have the login or password, contact the IndyPL HelpDesk at 317-275-4900.
  5. If asked to remember your username and password, respond “NO”
  6. Click “SIGN IN” In or use the ENTER key to continue
  7. At the next screen:
    a. Select or accept your location in the Branch dropdown menu
    b. Select or accept your Workstation in the Workstation dropdown
  8. HINT: If the workstation has logged into LEAP previously, the previous branch and workstation settings are retained. You can always select a different branch or workstation from the dropdown menus if the retained settings are incorrect
  9. Click “CONTINUE” or press ENTER to continue to the next screen.
  10. Click “CONTINUE” when you see the “This is the IndyPL Training Database”
  11. Once you are logged in, you will see your username and your location
    abbreviation in the upper right corner:
    a. Click on your username once to view the Logout option

    REMEMBER: Close all open workforms before logging out by clicking the hamburger menu (3 lines) in the upper left of the screen and then selecting ‘CLOSE ALL’ at the bottom of the slide out window.

Access Help

  1. Click the “HELP” link on the red LEAP Toolbar (HINT: Right side of the
    LEAP Toolbar)
  2. Select “LEAP Topics”
    a. Notice that help opens in a new tab
  3. On the CONTENTS Tab, expand the topic: “Polaris LEAP Overview”
  4. Select and skim/read the subtopic: “Searching for Records in Leap”
  5. Click the “INDEX” Tab
  6. In the search index box, search the terms “patron records”
  7. From the results, click on “Patron records”, and then “Find Existing”
    a. From the subtopics displayed, select “Do a quick search for
    an existing patron”
  8. Exit help by closing the browser tab

Searching for Patrons using the Quick Search box

  1. Find all patrons with the name John Smith. How many are in the
  2. HINT: Hit “Enter” to exit suggestions, and then choose “Patron
    Keywords” to restrict your results to patron names
    Search for by your name. Search by your library barcode number.

Searching for Patrons using the Find Tool – Patron

  1. Click “FIND” on the LEAP Header to find out how many patrons
    were born between 1/1/1990 to 1/31/1990:
    a. HINT: Patron…Basic Search…Birth date…Exact
    b. Search for all patrons born between 01/01/1990 to 01/15/1990
  2. HINT: Type the dates in the search boxes using the
    mm/dd/yyyy date format, or use the calendar picker to
    enter the start and end dates.
    c. Click the magnifying glass icon to execute the search
    d. How many patrons born between these dates?
    Challenge 2: How many patrons live in the 46107 zip code? ______

Working with Multiple Workforms

  1. From the zip code search results you found above, double-click to open a patron record workform. Do not close the record.
  2. Using either the all in one find tool, or the Patron find tool, search for
    people with the last name “Green”, and open another patron
    record workform from the results list.
  3. Click the hamburger stack (3 lines) in the upper left corner to
    access the workforms menu, and use this menu to switch between
    your two open patron records
    Click “CLOSE ALL” to close all workforms in the workforms menu (bottom right of the workforms menu)

Register a new patron

  1. Search for the new patron using the all-in-one search, and then also
    the patron find tool
  2. Register the new patron:
    a. Click the “New Patron” button, and complete the workform
    with patron name, and the barcode from a library card.
    Fill in the rest of the required information
    b. Click the SAVE button to save patron 1’s record, but don’t
    close it
  3. Register another patron based on the registration record you just
    created by using the “Copy” button:
    a. NOTE: If the patron has other family members there who request a card, you can click “Copy” in the patron’s record, and then edit the name to be the second patron’s name, use the barcode on another library card and enter the Password. In addition, edit the birth date, phone number, and e-mail address.
    b. Save the record

Check out Items

  1. Use Quick Search or Find Tool to find the patron.
  2. Scan the item barcode(s) into the checkout box “Enter item barcode”
  3. Click “COMPLETE” to close the patron workform.

Check out using “Special Loan” and “Reset Due Date” to set a different due date

  1. Find a Patron using the Quick Search or Find Tool.
  2. On the Check Out page, click the “Special Loan” button
  3. On the left side of the screen, use the calendar picker to set the
    due date.
  4. On the right side of the screen, select “ Apply to all items for this
  5. Scan the rest of the item barcodes in the checkout box

    (HINT: Respond to the “due date is in the past!” warning by clicking
  1. In the Check-Out view, select the items to change by clicking on their check boxes (to place a check mark in them)
  2. Click the “Reset Due Date” button, and select the date using the calendar picker
  1. Turn off “Special Loan” and do a normal loan
    a. Click the “X” in the special loan date Loan period box (the
    date will be deleted)
    b. Scan the next item barcode into the checkout box
    c. NOTE: The “normal” loan period is reinstated
    Click “COMPLETE” to close the patron workform.

Checking In

  1. Click the “CHECK IN” button in the upper left corner
  2. Scan the item barcodes into the check in box
  3. Watch for pop-up messages

Working with the Out/Overdue page

(See Part 6 of Polaris Training)

  1. On the Check In screen, double-click an item you have just
    checked in
  2. Scroll down to find the hyperlinked LAST USE Borrower Barcode
  3. Click the last use borrower barcode to open the patron workform
  4. NOTE: The last borrower’s patron workform opens to the Check Out
    page. Go to the Out/Overdue page
  5. Check the checkbox of the first 3 items out, and then click “MORE”
    and just view the options: Notification History, Check In, and Print List
  6. Click “ESTIMATE FINES” to see fines that would be charged if the
    items were returned today
    a. Click “SELECT DATE” in the Estimate Fines tool
    b. Select a date in the future and estimate what the fines would
    be if returned on that date
    c. Click “CLOSE” to exit the Estimate Fines tool
  7. Renew the overdue items out to your patron:
    a. Check the checkboxes for the overdue items
    b. Click the “RENEW” button
    c. Click “CONTINUE” to respond to any prompts or alerts
    d. Choose “CHARGE ACCOUNT” in the fines dialog
  8. Reset a due date:
    a. Select any item that is out and not overdue
    b. Click “RESET DUE DATE” and select a date later than
    the original due date
    c. NOTE: You will be returned to the OUT/OVERDUE view and see
    a green “Item due date reset successfully” pop-up message
    once you click on the date
  9. Make a claim: (References: pg. 57-58 of the Full Day Circ Training
    a. Select any item that is out
    b. Click “MAKE A CLAIM”
    c. Click the claim status box to view the choices, and select
    either “Claim Returned” or “Claim Never Had”
    Polaris LEAP Practice Lab #10
    d. Click the green “CLAIM” button to complete the claim
    e. Note the pop-up message
  10. Declare an item lost and accept payment for it:
    a. Select an out item and click the “DECLARE LOST” button
    b. Select “Charge” in the Replacement Action boxes, and then
    click the OK button
  11. Viewing Claims and Lost:
    a. Click “CLAIMS / LOST” to go to that page
    b. Review items that have been claimed returned or claim
    never had
    c. Review any items that have been declared lost

Settings: Workform User Defaults

  1. Click on username in upper right hand corner
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on the Workform User Defaults Tab
  4. Check In should be set to “Bulk”
  5. Item Record should be set to “Details”
  6. Holds should be set to “Active”
  7. ILL should be set to “Inactive”
  8. Patron should be set to “2”
  9. Bibliographic should be set to “2”
  10. Item should be set to “2”
  11. Item Template should be “None”
  12. Item Bulk Change Template should be “None”
  13. Click “Save”

Checking In and Viewing Fines

(See Part 5 of Polaris Training)

  1. Click the “CHECK IN” button in the upper left corner
  2. Scan item barcodes into the check in box
  3. If you notice an item was overdue, click the patron’s name (hyperlink)
  4. In the patron’s account, select the “Account”
  5. You should see the charges for each of the items.

Working with the Check In Screen

  1. Scan an item into the check in box
  2. Select a checked in item by checking the item’s checkbox (hint: to
    the left of the barcode number)
  3. Click the “ACTIONS” dropdown menu to view all available actions
    (Clear list; Manage item record; Replace barcode; Print list)
    Click anywhere on an item in the check in list to retrieve the item record, and view the last borrower barcode on the Circulation view, and then click on the History view to see past transactions for that item

Paying Fees

  1. Open patron workform (hint: scan barcode or search by name in
    quick search box)
  2. Click on the ACCOUNT tab
  3. Select one or more charges that the patron would like to pay and then
    click the blue PAY button
  4. Select a method of payment.
  5. If paying by check, you need to enter the check number in the
    notes field, otherwise you can leave the note field blank. (Most Shared System locations do not use credit cards for payment. Just in case, you do not need to enter CC for credit card, simply select “Credit Card –
    Manual” as the method of payment.
    Click the green PAY button to complete the transaction

Waiving Fees

  1. Locate the patron who has charges by scanning the barcode or searching
  2. Select one or more charges that you would like to waive.
  3. Be sure to add the required Waiver Code
  4. Click the green WAIVE button to complete the transaction.

Adding Charges

  1. Click the ADD CHARGE button, enter the amount, fee reason and
    any required note.
  2. Click the green ADD CHARGE button to complete the transaction.

Researching Fees & Transaction Summary

  1. Locate the patron that has paid/waived fines/fees.
  2. Click the “ACCOUNT SUMMARY” dropdown menu and select
  3. In the transaction Summary, select a transaction, and click the
    HISTORY button
  4. With the same transaction selected, click the PROPERTIES button
    NOTE: You can select multiple transactions and print a list from this screen

Resolving Lost Items When Lost & Paid item is returned

  1. Leap will add a credit to the account when a Lost & Paid for item is
    checked in.
  2. The credit should be used to offset any fees on the account.
  3. If a credit remains, click the green REFUND button. (Hint: follow
    your location’s procedures for issuing a refund.)

Printing a List of Items Checked Out

  1. Click on the Out/Overdue tab of the patron workform.
  2. Click the check boxes on the left hand side of the screen (hint: click
    the box at the top, to the left of “Type” to select all items)
  3. Click the “Print List” button in the middle of the screen, in between
    “Declare Lost” and “Notification History”

Hint: depending on the size of your screen, the “print list” may be under “More”
Hint #2: do not use the “Print” button at the top of your screen under your username. This will print the entire page, not just the list of items,
and will not be formatted correctly for a receipt printer)

Adding a patron Block

  1. Open any patron account.
  2. Click on “BLOCKS”, next to the padlock symbol.
  3. Click on the blue button “Add Block”
  4. Choose one of the Library Assigned Blocks or use Free Text to enter block information. (hint: if you use a free text block, make sure to add your initials and branch location)
  5. Click the green “ADD” button to add the block.
  6. You can also add a blocking note, which will also block the patron at
  7. Click on “NOTES”
  8. Decide if you want the note to block the patron at checkout. If so, type
    the note in the box on the right side of the screen “BLOCKING NOTES”, if not, use the box on the left “NON-BLOCKING NOTES”

Hint: make sure to add your initials and branch location)
Hint #2: Non-Blocking Notes change the “NOTES” to yellow and Blocking Notes change the “NOTES” to red.)

Placing a Hold

  1. To place a hold for a patron, go to the HOLDS/HELD work form of
    the patron’s record and click the blue “New Hold” button
  2. Leave all of the boxes empty and Click the “FIND TOOL” button to
    search for the title
  3. NOTE: You may have to change how you are searching to find a
    title (hint: Bibliographic Record search, Basic Search, Author,
    Keyword All)
  4. Double click one of the titles or single click and then click the Open
    button and you will see the title come into the hold request
  5. Review the pick-up location
  6. Click the green PLACE HOLD button to complete the hold request
  7. You will then see the hold on your patron’s record.

Changing a Pickup Location

  1. Open up the patron with a hold request.
  2. Double click on the title that needs to have the pickup location changed.
    (Hint: this must be done individually. You cannot bulk change the hold
    pickup location.)
  3. Select the new location on the Hold Request.
  4. Click the green “SAVE” button at the top of the screen.
  5. Hint: if the patron’s hold is already being held at another location, you
    can still update the pickup location. The hold will be added to the
    branch’s “Holds To Transfer” report.