Check Out

To navigate to the check out screen, scan a borrower’s library card barcode or type a name in the quick search box on the main screen.

Functions available on the check out tab:

Check Out

Scan or type in item barcode.  You can also search using the Find Tool, if the barcode will not scan or has been damaged.

To finish a check out session, click the red “Complete” button.


After clicking “Complete” the check out process is finished.  LEAP may prompt you to set up eReceipts.  An eReceipt emails a copy of the items checked out to the borrower’s email address.

Clicking “Continue” takes you to the borrower registration screen, Notification Settings, where you can change the eReceipt option to “Email”

Clicking “Skip” will simply skip setting up preferences.  It will ask you again the next time the borrower checks out.

Clicking the “Do not ask patron again” and then clicking Skip will prevent the box from appearing in the future.  We can always set up patrons for eReceipts later in the Patron Registration. 

Reset a Due Date

Reset a due date is used to change the default due date.  The item is scanned in check out.  Select the check box next to the item.  Click on “Reset Due Date.” (note – this will be grayed out until you select the check box).  A calendar will pop up, select the due date and click “Reset Due Date”

Special Loan

Special Loan can be used when the item(s) you are checking out need to have a due date that is different then the default.  This date is set before scanning the item(s) in check out.  Click on “Special Loan”

Select a date from the calendar or key the number of days and indicate if for just the next check out or all for that borrower.  Click on OK.  The new due date will appear in the box next to Special Loan.