Out or Overdue

  1. Find Borrower (Scan barcode, Use Find Tool, Item Record)
  2. Go to the Out/Overdue tab
  3. Check the checkbox next to the item out to view the options: Renew, Special Renew, Reset Due Date, Estimate Fines, Make a Claim, Declare Lost, Print List, Notification History, and Check In (depending on screen size, you may have to click “More” to see all the options)
  4. Renew the item out to your patron:
    a. Check the checkboxes for the items you wish to renew
    b. Click the “RENEW” button
    c. Click “CONTINUE” to respond to any prompts or alerts
  5. Reset a due date:
    a. Select any item that is out and not overdue
    b. Click “RESET DUE DATE” and select a date later than
    the original due date
    c. NOTE: You will be returned to the OUT/OVERDUE view and see a green “Item due date reset successfully” pop-up message
    once you click on the date
  6. Make a claim:
    a. Select any item that is out
    b. Click “MAKE A CLAIM”
    c. Click the claim status box to view the choices, and select
    either “Claim Returned” or “Claim Never Had”
    d. Click the green “CLAIM” button to complete the claim
    e. Note the pop-up message
  7. Declare an item lost and accept payment for it:
    a. Select an out item and click the “DECLARE LOST” button
    b. Select “Charge” in the Replacement Action boxes, and then
    click the OK button
  8. Viewing Claims and Lost:
    a. Click “CLAIMS / LOST” to go to that tab
    b. Review items that have been claimed returned or claim
    never had
    c. Review any items that have been declared lost
  9. Printing a list of items out
    a. Select items you need to print (use the checkbox at the top of the column to select all)
    b. Click Print List