Search: Find Tool & Patrons

When you click FIND in the Leap header, the FIND TOOL opens to allow you to search for titles, items, patrons, or, and this is important, record sets.

You will most often look up patrons, so set your default search to patron by clicking on the star in the dropdown box.

When you click the third crumb in the cookie crumb trail, you’ll select what element of the patron record you want to search.  Note you can choose last name first or first name last. 

You might do this kind of search in Find because the Find Tool allows you to filter your search, and to create record sets from your search results.

Here’s a sample use of the Find Tool for a Patron Search:

Mrs. Rozzi at Jonathan Jennings wants to get her students into the Earn and Learn program.  She’s not sure how many students owe money, so she opens the Find Tool.

First, she puts in the terms to search for Account Charges between $5.00 and $9,999.00. Next, she clicks the funnel…

…so she can filter by her school.

Then she sets the record set options.  She checks the box to send the results to a record set.  She names the record set with her school location code at the beginning and some key words to describe her results.  She changes the owner of her school to her school name (this is especially important if she wants Shared System staff to do something with the record set).  Then she clicks Apply.

Back on the Find Tool screen, Mrs. Rozzi confirms that the icons for filter (a funnel) and record set (a bag) are now green, meaning they are good to go!

At the bottom of the page, she clicks Apply and her record set appears on the screen!