Circulation Dashboard

Circulation of Shared Materials

Circulation by Location

Click below to download the Circulation Dashboard updated to include July 2023!

The Circ dashboard will be updated each month between the 5th and the 8th. It is an Excel file that you can use to see your circulation month by month or year by year. Press and hold the CTRL key and click to select more than one month or location. Make sure you’ve scrolled all the way down to see what’s on the report.

You can copy parts of the dashboard by taking a screenshot. If it’s a table, like the one in the image at the bottom in the middle, you can copy the table and paste it into a spreadsheet.

Circulation of Shared Materials

This spreadsheet is for the school year to date and indicates how many of your own materials you have checked out, and how many you have borrowed from or loaned to either The Library or other Shared System members. On average, 14 percent of your total circulation is from your checking out books owned by other locations, while 11 percent of the circulation of items you own comes from items being checked out elsewhere.

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