Polaris: Basics

The URL to login to LEAP should have been written inside your manual during training. If you can’t locate it, please contact the HelpDesk at 317-275-4900. It is not listed here for security reasons.

Log in to LEAP

1. Enter your username

2. 4. If you don’t have the login or password, contact the IndyPL HelpDesk at 317-275-4900.

5. If asked to remember your username and password, respond “NO”

6. Click “SIGN IN” In or use the ENTER key to continue

7. At the next screen:

a. Select or accept your location in the Branch dropdown menu

b. Select or accept your Workstation in the Workstation dropdown menu

8. HINT: If the workstation has logged into LEAP previously, the previous branch and workstation settings are retained. You can always select a different branch or workstation from the dropdown menus if the retained settings are incorrect

9. Click “CONTINUE” or press ENTER to continue to the next screen.

10. Once you are logged in, you will see your username and your location abbreviation in the upper right corner:

a. Click on your username once to view the Logout option

REMEMBER: Close all open workforms before logging out by clicking the hamburger menu (3 lines) in the upper left of the screen and then selecting ‘CLOSE ALL’ at the bottom of the slide out window.