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Suggested Blurb for the School Handbook, You could put the information below into a school handbook, send it home with a library card of include bits and pieces in occasional newsletters.

Our school library is a key part of our education program.  We believe that the more students read, the better they will do in school and in life!  Our goal is to get lots and lots of books into their hands and give them lots of opportunities to practice their developing reading and thinking skills.  We hope our families will talk with our students about what they are reading and encourage them to read widely and well!

We received money from generous donors (or taxpayers!) so we could join the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library’s Shared System in the 2015-16  school year. The Shared System is part of the Library’s public computer catalog.  All of our books have been cataloged and barcoded, and all of our students have library cards.  The librarian keeps a photocopy on file in the library; parents or student will keep the original to use when the school library is closed.

Students in third grade and above will learn how to request books, music, and movies online from any library in the city, and a library delivery truck brings us their materials ______ (number of times)  a week.  Students can return things checked out at school to a branch library, and can return things checked out at a branch library to the school.  Students with current library cards in good standing may also request materials and pick them up at the school library.  It’s easy to do!  Login to!  (If you’re not sure whether your library card is current, or may have old fees on it, check with your nearest library!)  

Because reading is so important to the success of our students, the school does not limit the number of things students can check out.  We ask students to take as many books as they can read between visits to the library. The library is open all day, every day!

Students are responsible for the books, CDs and videos they check out on their library cards.  Students should plan to keep all their library things in one place at home.  If something is damaged or lost, students will have to pay for it. Students may not check out any new items if they have something overdue or lost.  We will add the cost of damaged or lost things to the family’s bill.  At this time, we do not charge fines for overdue books.

If you are worried about letting your students check out music and movies, please talk with them about it.  At this time, there is not a way for our school library to flag the library card so it won’t allow non-print items to be checked out.  You can look up what items your student has checked out online or you can ask your student to bring you a receipt of “All Items Out” from the school library.

Our school library manager is Jane Doe.   She received her degree (where), has experience in (what), and anything else important for families to know about Jane.

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