Trends from Selection Librarians

Do You Miss Meetings and PowerPoint Presentations?

Some of you do. Not the boring ones where the speaker reads all 17 bullets on every slide to you, but the ones that Janet Spaulding and Jessica Lawrence, juvenile and teen selectors (respectively) have done for you in the past. I was lucky enough to watch their latest presentation on Zoom. it was right before the end of the semester, and their audience was IndyPL’s children’s and teen library staff. You will enjoy it every bit as much as they did. High school library staff, Jess begins the YA section on about slide 20. One version of the presentation is Full slides – pdf so you get the feel of all those delicious new book jackets. I saved a second version, Slides with notes – pdf , so you could access any sources or additional commentary they wanted IndyPL librarians to have.

These would make great lists in Bibliocommons to share with your teachers! Remember to use #SharedSystem!