Trends from Selection Librarians

Janet Spaulding and Jessica (Marie) Lawrence, children’s and teen selectors (respectively) have done presentations on publishing in their areas for a long time, interrupted only by COVID. They’re back! You will be impressed at how they capture publishing trends and link them to what’s going on in our world, our communities and our families.

The PowerPoints are too large to upload so they are here as pdfs. One version of the presentation for children’s trends is Spring 2022 Trends (Children’s) FULL SLIDES so you get the feel of all those delicious new book jackets. The second version, Spring 2022 Trends (Children’s) SLIDES with notes – pdf  allows you to hover over the tiny orange comment icon in the upper left corner of the screen. This will allow you to see the notes.

For those of you interested in Teen Trends, check out Spring 2022 TEEN Trends Full Slides. Look for the small comment icon in the upper left corner of the screen to find Jess Marie’s slide notes in Spring 2022 TEEN Trends Slides with notes..

Segments of either of these presentations would make great lists in Bibliocommons to share with your teachers and students in the fall! Remember to use #SharedSystem! (You won’t find all of these titles now as they are being published in 2022!)

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