Follett TitleWise Collection Analysis

Let us know when you are ready and we will send you Marc records to upload to Follett. Having the records uploaded is helpful in two ways:

  1. You can see what you already own (IF the ISBN numbers match; sometimes new editions have new ISBN numbers), and
  2. You can get a good analysis of your collection that can be helpful in guiding both purchasing and weeding decisions.

Here’s more information:

  1.  Your Account – select Account Profile
    1. Make sure your ebook search preference is set to Axis 360
    2. Look for the heading “Diversity Profile.”  You can click on the hyperlink to manage your diversity profile.  Follett says “This profile is unique to your personal Titlewave account and allows you to select the areas and topics that best reflect your students and a wide range of culturally-diverse interests.”
  2. Settings – review the settings page to see what’s in place and what might need to be changed.  Note also the age defaults for the various subject areas.  You might want to change some of them – some of them may be set newer or older than you think is appropriate for your collection.
  3. MARC Profile – this is the building block area that will be essential for a good collection analysis.
    1. Select EDIT in the Classifications & prefixes section to make sure all of your call number prefixes (and variations thereof) are included
      1. There are tabs for prefixes to include, ignore, and exclude.
      2. There is also a tab for Advanced Marc Settings.  Everything should look exactly as illustrated EXCEPT your location code, which we will tell you when we send your Marc records to you.
  4. Now that you’re set up, go back to Settings and select EDIT for either the Nonfiction Classifications or Fiction section.
    1. Select which should be counted as fiction, and which as nonfiction.  What you select here will determine your Fic/nonfic pie chart.  If you omit this step, that pie chart will look wonky.
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