What Teachers (and Curators) Can Do

Personal Cards

Teachers obviously can use their personal card to do all the things listed under the section What Borrowers Can Do.  (Remember, their Patron Code will be Adult Regular Patron, their Statistical Class will be SS Staff, and their Registered Library should be your library if they want to use your location as their default pick up location.)

Room Cards/Curator cards

In their role as teachers, though, we hope your teachers will find lots of ways to use Lists.  They will log in to Bibliocommons using their SRM library card number.

  • Use similar naming convention that you have established for them, for ex., Christel_House_5th_Batt
    • High schools might need to do LCHS_Engl_Comp_Markowitz
    • This will get trickier in high schools because of the 24 character limit
  • In order for someone looking at your profile to discover all the teachers/curators at your location, we recommend that all teachers/curators follow their school library/librarian and vice versa.
  • You could also ask all teachers to use the same hashtag!  That might be easier especially where the 24 character limit on Room card names is an issue.
  • You can also create an “index” of all your teachers’ profiles since each profile has a URL.  That’s something you want your administration to know about, too.

While not created by teachers, this list of lists is an excellent example of how teachers could work together to create lists based on curriculum standards.  In this case the lists were created by the school services department of the Multnomah County Public Library in Portland, Oregon.  https://indypl.bibliocommons.com/lists/show/114928554

Lists take on special value for teachers when they realize they can embed the link anywhere they want to. Preschool list of winter read alouds? Open the list and copy the URL into a parent newsletter. Project on natural habitats? Open the list and copy the URL into the Learning Management System (Google Classroom, Symbaloo, Canvas, etc.). Suggested reading for Honors World History? Same thing. Teachers and administrators (and you) could even create lists for families to park on your website or include in weekly enewsletters. What about a reading list about bullying? Or choosing a college, or finding scholarship money How about cook books on healthy lunches that are allergen free? Remember neither you nor your patrons are confined to what you own at your location.

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