What Borrowers Can Do

The address for the main catalog is https://indypl.bibliocommons.com/.  Some schools ask students to use the Kids’ Catalog https://indyplkids.bibliocommons.com/explore/recent_arrivals instead.  Every once in a while a title will appear on the main catalog that will cause eyebrows to go up.  Or hair to set on fire. They both work the same, it’s just the front pages are different, and the Kids’ Catalog is limited to kids’ books.  Teen and adult titles are found only in the main catalog. 

In the Kids’ Catalog, teachers can find other librarians’ and teachers’ lists by clicking on Explore and Staff Picks in the menu bar.   Some of our school libraries limit students to requesting titles from only the Kids’ Catalog.  When asked why, the librarian says “that way you don’t have wade through all those boring grown-up books.” 

Watch this series of seven very short videos that give a quick look at features for borrowers.  Be sure to read the notes underneath each section.  (You may want to turn the volume off as there is no narration and the music is the same for all seven!) Determine whether any or all of these would be appropriate for your readers.  (You will find them all in one place here:

– note that they are not in the same order as the topics below).

Topics covered are:

Register Your Card (https://youtu.be/ya_5p3Kmrsk)


  1. Visit indypl.bibliocommons.com
  2. Enter your PERSONAL library card number and password
  3. Enter your birthdate
  4. Choose a username (you can change it later)
  5. Register!

Under age 13

  1. Visit https://indyplkids.bibliocommons.com/
  2. Enter your PERSONAL library card number and password
  3. Enter your birthdate
  4. Choose a username by picking a color and animal.  Bibliocommons will give you a number to add at the end.  (You can change it later.) There are 145 animals available, and 17 colors from which to choose.
  5. Register!
Find Something to Borrow (https://youtu.be/n7vWADhwEjI)
  • Covers searching and “smart searching” – pay close attention!
  • Note that readers searching for titles while they are in your library will see what is on shelf in your library first.
Request an Item (https://youtu.be/1N6GuKnEpOI)
  • Covers the basics
Update your Information (https://youtu.be/hQVdXPSuBzM)
  • Shows how to change a default pick up location, and/or add a second default pick up location.
Add Content to Your Catalog  https://youtu.be/nNUqZEIa1Lw)
  • Remember, this is what your borrowers can do!   It covers comments, rating titles, and making lists.
Manage Your Borrowing (https://youtu.be/VS6uaqRdqEw)
  • My Account features access to what patrons have checked out, what’s on hold, what they owe, and information they can update online
  • Take the time to remind people to return their books as soon as they are finished so they’re available for the next reader.  You might also remind them about the new limit to just ten renewals.  Some borrowers are used to renewing everything when they really need to renew just one item.
Manage Your Collections (https://youtu.be/wryPrjIhR_I)
  • Under the heading of My Collections in Bibliocommon’s user dashboard, you’ll find both lists (covered under Add Content above) and shelves.
Getting Help (https://help.bibliocommons.com/)
  • Just about every step you can think of is covered in this help section, and it’s provided in nine languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and more.