Patrons in Polaris

Here are a few things to remember when working with patron records in Polaris.

Notification Settings

Duplicate Patrons

If you find a patron with two (or more!) different library cards, please send the patron barcode numbers to  Indicate which barcode had the most current information, i.e. the barcode the patron is currently using.  The other account(s) will be deleted.

Information from the deleted card will be merged with the current card.  All of the following information is merged:

  • Barcode – the deleted barcode will be in the “Former barcode field” of the patron’s account.
  • Blocks – any blocks on the deleted account will be copied into the appropriate Free Text or Library Assigned block fields.
  • Notification History – all previously generated notices are copied.
  • Items out – any items checked out on the deleted card, are transferred to the current card.
  • Hold Request – Active, Inactive, Pending, Located, Canceled, Not supplied holds with a status of held, shipped or unclaimed will be transferred to the current card.
  • Claimed and Lost Items – The claimed and lost item counts are transferred and totaled in the current account.
  • Patron account – The charges and credits are totaled on the current record.  The YTD and Lifetime Circ, as well as the YTD and Lifetime “You Saved” amounts are also totaled on the current account.  The registered on date becomes the oldest date.
  • Notes – The notes from the deleted account are appended to the notes on the current account and separated by a blank line.  A note indicates the record was merged and provides the barcode of the deleted record and the date/time that merge occurred.

The deleted account barcode will no longer be a valid card and if scanned LEAP will give error message “No Matches found for barcode XXXXXXXXXX”.  The patron would need to be issued a replacement card, if they do not have the current library card barcode.

If either account has the Collection Agency Block, the accounts cannot be merged.  In this situation a Blocking note will be placed on both accounts referencing the duplicate account.  The account without the Collection Agency block will be expired.

Patron Record Sets

Create a record set (New/Record Set/Patron) to use for your classroom teachers or to organize patrons for another reason.

Scan the library card.

Click on Actions, Add to New Record Set.

Name the record set and Save it.

(Note your patron is listed in the record set.)

Name your record set using this EXACT convention:

School location code space Graduation year space Homeroom teacher’s last name

              LTWR 2029 Gonzalez

Add to the records by scanning barcodes or by using the Find Tool.

When you finish adding names, change the owner and save your work. 

Change the owner of the patron record set to the name of your school

Email when the record sets for your location are complete.  We will do a batch update of the grad year/homeroom field for each record set to save you time!

Use the Find Tool to look for your record sets. 

You will be able to search by graduation year using the Find Tool, Patron (specify grad year/homeroom field):


You will be able to search by homeroom teacher name using the Find Tool, Patron (specify grad year/homeroom field):


Remember:   You will also be able to search by record set name and leave the record set open in LEAP while you use it.  Use the Find Tool and specify Record Set:

              *LTWR 2029 Gonzalez

Select the record set from the results list and click Open.

Select the record and double click to open.

Click on the hamburger menu to see what you have open.  Leave the class set open to keep using it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Polaris-patron-record-set-10-1024x415.png

To find record sets you created, search by owner.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Polaris-patron-record-set-11-1024x415.png

Updating record sets for a new school year