Checking in and out

Going beyond the basics of checking in and out, here’s some advanced knowledge for you!

Checking in items owned by others

In-Transit to Assigned Location

Checking items in that are not owned by the check in location will result in this message:

You should ALWAYS respond with YES, unless an item is badly damaged and it would be a health hazard to ship it (i.e. liquid spill, bugs, etc.) See damaged item procedures for how to handle these items.

The status of the item is changed to “In-Transit”

What happens if you answer NO?

The status of the item changes to “In”, but it does not change the location of the item!  The status is checked in at the assigned location, which causes confusion, because the assigned location is looking for it on their shelves.  It could also appear on the assigned location’s Picklist.  You must always respond YES!  If you want to keep the item because you think it will check out before your location’s scheduled delivery, that’s fine.  Put it on your “for a limited time only” shelf and send it back in two weeks if no one has checked it out. 

Circulation Statuses

Polaris Status NameHorizon Status Name
(Prior to Jan. 2020)
Claim Missing Parts 
Claim Never Had 
Claim ReturnedClaims Returned
Econtent External Loan 
HeldItem being held
Newly AcquiredNewly Acquired / In Processing
DamagedDamaged / Mending
In-TransitGoing Home / Sent to
Local MissingLocal Missing / Missing
OutChecked Out
ShelvingShelving Cart
ShippedIn-Transit (to fill a hold)
UnavailableTemporary Storage / Using for Programs
WithdrawnPending Deletion