Find Tool: Bibliographic Records

  • Open the Find Tool
  • Select Bibliographic Records
  • Select Browse
  • Select type of search (Title, Author, Subject, etc.) (See “Type of Search for Bib Records” – Create new Page)
    • Type of search determines options for how to search.  Selecting title gives you options to search by
      • Exact
      • Exact (*)
      • Keyword (All)
      • Keyword (Any)
      • Phrase
  • An “*” may be used as a wildcard
  • After typing in search words, results appear in the list below.
  • Select the result from the list, then click Open.

Searches can be filtered by a variety of options, which can be viewed by clicking the hamburger stack menu next to the magnifying glass:

You can select multiple fields to filter by clicking the + sign.

The column settings can be changed and are stored by the user.  Click the hamburger stack menu next to the magnifying glass to see all the column options:

You can select what displays and the order it displays on the screen.