Coronavirus Info for IndyPL

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Coronavirus Printable Files

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Many, many thanks to IndyPL’s Communications Area and the new director there, Joe Backe, for developing such sharp visuals for library use.  The very first one released is also first on your list.  I liked it so much, I printed it out and hung it up in our restroom at work BEFORE we all shut down in March!  I think you’ll find some of these useful where you are, too!  If you think of a poster that IndyPL could use (and you as well), let me know and I’ll pass your idea along to Joe!

Schools with lots of speakers of other languages, note flyers in several languages!

POSTER – Stop the Spread of Germs

FLYER – What You Need to Know (English/Spanish)

CHECKOUT SLIPS – Don’t Sneeze on the Books
Cut and include one with each checkout.

SIGNS – Don’t Sneeze on the Keyboard
Cut and post on computers.

SIGN – Wash Your Hands – We all share the library

Wash Your Hands:

Stop the Spread of Germs (CDC):

Copier/printer – social distancing:

Computer – social distancing:

Wrong Ways to Wear a Mask ( MY FAVORITE!!!)

Coronavirus need to know (Marion Co Health Dept/CDC, adapted by IndyPL)

Don’t Sneeze on the Keyboard:

Don’t Sneeze on the Books:

This Computer is Unavailable:

Wearing your mask correctly:

Leave mask on till you exit building (limited use?):


For the Safety of our staff and patrons – 6 pages; 6 different suggestions:

The following contain the same suggestions on a single page, in the language specified:

For the safety – Yoruba:

For the safety – Spanish:

For the safety – Hakha-Chin:

For the safety – French:

For the safety – Arabic:

If one of the six suggestions doesn’t apply, you might be able to cut out the other five and arrange on a poster instead!  Or you might know someone who can edit pdfs.