Teach Your Readers How to Use the Catalog

Use the What Borrowers Can Do section as your guide.  You could show the videos, post them on your website, or create your own.

More resource materials are available at the Bibliocommons Portal.  To login, we need to authorize your email address.  Please fill out the following form:    https://goo.gl/fz8jup.

Set the Ground Rules

Remember that students under 13 are covered by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”).  They can’t use their real names, or make up their own names, in Bibliocommons.  They’ll be given a choice of a color, an animal and a number.  Or they can continue to login with their library card numbers as they did before January 2019.  They can rate books (with stars) but they won’t be able to comment or use their real name or a name of their own invention until they turn 13.

You’ll also set ground rules for your teachers.  (See What Teachers (and Curators) Can Do.)  It’s important that they keep their personal and professional identities separate, especially so for school teachers.  Their students don’t need to know the wide variety of genres they might be exploring.  Definitely encourage them to post on both personal and professional accounts as appropriate.

You will need to develop naming conventions for your location, based on your own user name and covered further in See What Teachers (and Curators) Can Do.


You got a brief introduction that you can use with patrons, but the search feature in Bibliocommon has some capabilities we didn’t even think to ask for!  Here is everything you need to know about Searching Bibliocommons.