Bibliocommons & Shared System Staff

You will set up a BiblioCommons Shared System Library Account so you can create reader’s advisory content on behalf of your library. Having a staff account allows your suggestions to “float to the top” and gives you and your location more visibility. You should create a BiblioCommons Staff Account library card that can be used only for this purpose. 

The patron code for this library card is Staff Bibliocommons.  To set it up quickly, open your Library “Shared System Room Card” borrower record, click on Copy in the menu at the right, and then fill in your name again and any other missing info.  This card will work ONLY in Bibliocommons.  You will not be able to use it to check out physical or electronic materials.

Next, login to with that new library card number.  You will be guided through creating a new account.  Your username is limited to 24 characters.  We would like you to use your location name and the word library.  Please use an underscore as a space instead of putting it all in as one word.  For example,

  • Christel_House_School_Library

There’s more on Staff Accounts here.