Reading & Listening

The Axis 360 YouTube page has several playlists on reading and listening based on your device type:

It’s important to mention that on all devices, readers can bookmark, highlight, take notes, define words, and Google topics.

A new feature is the ability to have the ebook text read aloud. The reader/listener will have several different voices to choose from, and they can change the speed, and whether to highlight the text as it is being read. This has special value for readers who have trouble focusing for a variety of reasons. It also helps develop comprehension and word recognition skills. How often have we seen a word and not known how to say it till we heard it in conversation?

A few commonly requested links are below. Be sure to go directly to the Axis 360 Help site if you don’t see what you need. It’s easy to search, and if what you find isn’t quite right, there’s a list of similar topics close to hand:

To get a downloadable pdf of instructions for reading and listening in your browser:

To get detailed instructions for reading in the app:

To get detailed instructions for listening in the app using Android or Kindle devices:

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