Patron How-to

Using Axis 360

In your browser (pdf):

In the app (pdf):

YouTube videos for patrons:

Niche Academy tutorials:

These are available as a pullout on the right side of a number of library website pages, including the e-books & Streaming page.  ( 

The first tutorial is a brief one-minute overview produced by Axis 360 and added in August 2019 in preparation for the official launch of Axis 360 on the Public Library side. 

The Axis 360 Niche Tutorial also contains lessons broken down by operating systems (Android, Apple iOS, Kindle Fire). 

The second Niche tutorial was added at the end of April 2020 and was prepared by an Activity Guide from IndyPL’s Learning Curve.  It is nine minutes long and a thorough guide to finding and using IndyPL’s Axis 360 sites.

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